Yard Cleanup and Shed Removal

Yard Debris Removal

We’ve been there—that moment when you realize that what used to be a small pile of yard debris has grown into a very big problem. Yard debris can include grass cuttings, weeds, leaves, shrub clippings, twigs and small branches. Our professional yard haulers will spare you hours of backbreaking labor. The hardest part is simply picking up the phone to make an appointment – we do the rest. Just point at your debris and we’ll make it disappear.

Shed Removal

Do you have an old shed or structure you would like to remove? New Mexico Junk Removal is proud to offer shed removal with loading and hauling services. After loading your shed, you can rest assured we will dispose of everything in a sustainable way. We carry your unwanted junk from the shed to one of our trucks and our junk removal experts make the mess go away. You won’t have to lift any of the junk or haul away any trash – we do it all for you. Don’t waste your time or risk injury to yourself by lifting and carrying an old, heavy, unwanted structure.