New Mexico Junk Removal Services List

Junk Removal: 505-720-1567

We provide Junk removal and hauling services for all types of jobs!  

Renovation Clean Up

NM Mexico Junk Removal is a trusted source for Santa Fe, Albuquerque and surrounding areas commercial and residential renovation cleanup. We provide safe and easy junk removal to ensure you stay on track and budget for your renovation project. Schedule your junk removal and our professional junk removal team will take care of the rest.

Emergency Junk Removal

Need a last-minute junk removal? NM Junk Removal is dedicated to completing most jobs on a same-day schedule, upon request. Whether you’re wrapping up a construction site clean up with gravel removal, disposing of concrete or need junk pick-up service for a pool or hot tub, give us a call, and we’ll haul it all.

Foreclosure Cleanouts

Getting a home thoroughly cleaned and ready to be put back up on the market can be a daunting experience. We provide full foreclosure and estate cleanout to ensure that each residence meets the highest standards and is completed on time and within budget with our hauling service. 

We work with Realtors, Contractors, Property Managers, and Bank Representatives to coordinate with the guidelines of clients, financial institutions, or private buyers. Our services include removal of appliances, furniture, mattresses, yard debris, and any belongings left behind. We properly dispose of all materials and work to reduce the economic and environmental impacts within our community.

Missed Trash Pickup?

We’ve all been there – a need for emergency junk removal such as backyard debris or large items removed but you missed the pickup date and now have nowhere to turn. Fortunately, New Mexico Junk Removal specializes in emergency services and same day pick-up. Our emergency services include debris/junk removal, hauling, and disposal while remaining sensitive to your needs and budget constraints.

Same Day Trash Hauling

Our professional, friendly staff takes care of all of the hard work to make sure your job is completed same-day, upon request.  Let our dedicated team of trained professionals haul away your junk and trash.  NM Junk Removal has the equipment and skills needed to remove your junk responsibly, safely, and quickly.

Horder Cleanup

What is Hoarding?

Hoarding is the compulsive collecting, purchasing, and direct aversion to the discarding of possessions. Compulsive hoarding may lead to health risks  and distress as living spaces become so cluttered that they are no longer able to function as livable spaces. Potential consequences of hoarding include impaired functioning, health and safety concerns, and safety violations. Hoarding can create serious risks from exposure to fire, sanitation, and falling hazards.

Hoarding Property Recovery and Removal

The process of property recovery following hoarding can be expensive, discouraging, and intimidating. We provide complete recovery of your property with respect to safety guidelines. We have restored hundreds of estates affected by hoarding with our professional team understands the emotional challenge that the junk removal process presents. NM Junk Removal works with family members to help ensure a smooth clean up process.