Electronics Removal


Electronic waste is broadly described as any electronic waste – whether in working condition or not – that is no longer wanted. This occurs when electronic items become obsolete, broken or damaged, or have been superseded. Proper removal of electronic waste is critical to the health and well being of our community.
We produce a lot of e-Waste. New Mexico Junk Removal properly disposes of electronics that could contain toxins like lead, mercury, and cadmium which can leach into New Mexico’s soil and water. This is why New Mexico Junk Removal provides responsible and environmentally friendly removal of electronic waste. We’ll take your electronic waste off of your hands and ensure professional removal with excellent service.


Disposing of appliances can be an impossible task with heavy lifting, navigating corners, and bulkiness. The fastest, easiest way to remove your unwanted appliances is to contact New Mexico Junk Removal today. We offer full-service junk removal and hauling services. We provide an appliance disposal service to spare you the time, effort, inconvenience while hauling away your household waste. We can remove one or multiple items at a time. Our team is well-trained, licensed, bonded, and efficient to guarantee your old appliances will be removed without any damage to your home.